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Advice & Instructions

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Joint Application Checklist

When preparing a joint application, the following checklist can help you assemble the materials needed by each agency.

This checklist shows which agencies require specific information and document. Please note that all agencies require that submissions be delivered via mail or courier. Email submissions are not currently accepted.

  • US Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) (1 copy of application with Army Corps’ required materials)
  • NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (3 copies of application with NYS DEC’s required materials + 1 digital copy of the entire submission as a PDF file on a CD-ROM)
  • NYS Dept. of State (1 copy of application with NYS DOS’s required materials)
  • NYC Dept. of City Planning (1 copy of application with NYC DCP’s required materials)

Download this Checklist as a PDF | Download the Forms You’ll Need

Forms, Questionnaires and Worksheets

Joint Application Form

For the NYS DEC, this must be signed by the applicant (you) as well as by the landowner (if you don’t own the land).

Environmental Impact Questionnaire

The 3 different forms you will need:
1 Army Corps Environmental Questionnaire
2 Google or Bing map
3 State/City Environmental Quality Review (SEQR/CEQR form) – either SEQR/CQR
Determination if already completed, or the Short Environmental Assessment Form (SEAF), Part I. You can use the online EAF Mapper tool for the SEAF.
Yes1Yes2Yes1or 2YesWhatever submitted to DOS

Permission to Inspect Property Form

Form must be signed by Owner/Legally Responsible Party (LRP)

NYS DEC's Waterfront Activities Application Checklist

(as top sheet)
NYC WRP Consistency Assessment FormYesYesYesYes
Essential Fish Habitat WorksheetYes
Structural Archaeological Assessment FormYes
Project Description and Justification

Justification of project / purpose

A detailed description of the proposed activities, associated facilities and coastal effects.

Alternatives analysis

An analysis of the ways your project can avoid or minimize impact on the environment.

Analysis of consistency with the policies of NYC WRP

A description of how your project advances or hinders the policies of The New York City Waterfront Revitalization Program
Maps, Plans, Drawings and Photos

Cover Sheet

Recommended for drawing sets of 3 or more sheets. Be sure to include project title info, what’s included in the set, and latest revision dates.

Site Location Map

This locates the site of your project on a larger vicinity map.
Include the following:
  • Names of adjacent roads
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates
Vicinity maps must be created from an official mapping source. Acceptable sources are:
1 Hagstrom road map with road names
2 Google or bing map
Yes1or 2Yes
Same sub-mission as to Army Corps + NYC block and Lot info, if available.
Whatever is submitted to Army Corps
Same sub-mission as to Army Corps + NYC block and Lot info, if available.
Existing Site Conditions MapYesYes
Site PlansYesYesYesYes
Cross-section / Elevation DrawingsYesYesYesYes
Color PhotosYesYesYesYes
Photo Key MapYesYesYes
Property Ownership and Permissions

Identify ownership of all related properties

  • Adjacent (upland) properties – ownership information should be included on the Existing Conditions Map. If you’re not sure, use ACRIS or the NYC Tax Maps to check property ownership.
  • Lands under water - Needed for work on, in or over tidal waters, such as dredging, catwalks, decks, bulkheads, and mooring projects. Contact NYS Office of General Services (NYS OGS) to begin the process of identifying lands under water.


Obtain permissions to build from adjacent property owners

Letters of Permission are required from adjacent property owners if project includes work or construction access on or from an adjacent property

Apply for permission to use lands under water

If you are applying for an easement or grant from NYS OGS, the application to OGS should be part of the Joint Application.
Other Information and Materials

List of other state and local authorizations required

  • Army Corps individual permits require NYS DEC and NYS DOS authorizations prior to issuance. Both may be obtained concurrent with an Army Corps review via the Joint Application.
  • The NYC WRP Consistency Assessment Form must include listing of other authorizations, including any local actions.


Copies of materials submitted to New York State agencies

This includes environmental review documents, such as:
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Environmental Assessment Statements (EAS)
Attach copies of all forms, applications and correspondence submitted to NYS agencies

Copies of supporting documentation sent to federal agencies

Attach copies of anything sent to Army Corps

Application Fees

  • Fees required by Army Corps for Individual Permits only, but not at time of application
  • NYS DEC accepts fees at time of application, or at any time during the review process. Fees must be received prior to permit issuance.